Can I just begin by bragging about all the awesome people that work at Appsky Labs right now? Working at a startup is no easy task. Especially one that is not even a year old yet. No one at Appsky works during the typical 9-5 time frame (although we like to try). Perhaps that’s because half of the people who work here are night owls and stay up until 3 am programming in the dark (sometimes later). It’s truly no surprise when one of us surpasses that “40 hours” per week, but what can you expect? We work at a rapidly growing startup. It isn’t going to be a walk in the park and we all know that.

So why am I writing an appreciation blog post about our team and how we work together? Because it’s pretty freaking important, that’s why! Everyone here works their booty off and personally I want to recognize all of them for all that they do! Is that alright?

Appreciations for the Team

Taylor – “Bossman”

Taylor runs the show. He’s our CEO/Founder and pretty much our main salesman. Without him, we wouldn’t exist (seriously…we wouldn’t). Besides guiding our company the right direction, Taylor is the “face” of Appsky Labs. He’s the “social butterfly” of the group and finds the value in relationships with those around him. He works closely with all of our clients to ensure they’re satisfied, volunteers to speak/mentor/judge at events in Omaha, and is making it his main priority to provide tech opportunities in under served communities. When he isn’t working, you can probably find him hanging out with family and friends.

Sue – “Boo”

Where do I even start with Sue? She’s pretty f***ing awesome. Sue leads the developers and manages all the development projects we have (which is pretty much all of our projects). Besides being an excellent developer herself, Sue is the one on the team that can empathize with anyone. Hands down the best listener we have and is always willing to help others out (even when she has a bunch of work to do). When she isn’t working, she’s probably on the run. Literally, she runs a ton. Like I don’t understand how someone can run 13 miles for “fun” and not die. Did I mention she’s crazy? 😉

Evynne – “The Design Goddess”

Is it possible to have so much talent in one human? Seriously, Evynne is incredibly gifted in design. I have never met another designer that can do what she does. Almost every website and app we’ve created (since May 2017) have been designed by Evynne and the client is always impressed! She’s busy all the time working on design for our clients, which is intense considering she’s still in college taking classes. On top of that, she’s always willing to help out others. I bug her about social media design posts like a gazillion times a week and she has the utmost patience with me. What’s truly amazing about Evynne is her passion for her work, her beliefs, and those around her. What does she do in her free time? She bikes like 60+ miles in a day like it’s no big deal.

Marchele – “The Marshal”

How can one not love Marchele? He’s the biggest joy to be around and he gives the best hugs! Of course he’s unbelievably skilled at programming. His specialty? Creating bomb apps. Before he started at Appsky, he would spend hours everyday programming for fun and now he’s getting paid for it. What else makes Marchele so great? His sense of humor and honesty. Even if he can’t tell when a banana is good to eat, we still love him! In Marchele’s free time he programs…and programs…and programs. Oh! And he lifts weights a lot, making him super buff.

Jordi – “The Quiet One”

Focused, determined, and the least likely to be distracted, Jordi is the newest addition to the Appsky team. This guy kicks butt at anything WordPress and has some sick skills. Not only that, but he’s chill and cool to talk to. He also smells the best, so don’t be afraid to give him a good wiff if you get the chance to meet him! In his free time he’s also super athletic playing soccer and running often! I think Jordi has a heart of gold (or he’s secretly plotting our demise)….


Evan – “The Traveler”

Probably the largest travel enthusiast out of everyone on the team (even though we all love to travel). He traveled to Brazil this past summer and is currently in Japan for the next year. Everyone needs a numbers guy, right? Well Evan is bomb at finance and strategic planning. He’s pretty smart (yes, I’ll admit it) and he is even a great programmer. In his free time he enjoys learning new languages, traveling (duh), and challenging himself.


How We Work Together

Communication is always important in a team, especially one as small as ours. Although…it’s not always perfect, we’ve got each other’s backs and that’s what matters most! One thing that we do culturally at Appsky is go out for lunch daily. It’s a great way for the team to get to know each other outside of working, plus it’s a nice little break in the middle of the day.

When it comes to actually working, we have some processes in place to work together.  Sue’s project management system, set up on Freedcamp, allows her to divvy up responsibilities and tasks to the other developers on the team. All the team members use Freedcamp to organize our tasks and manage our expectations over what needs to be accomplished each week.

The beauty of our office is that it is set up as a collaborative work space in which we can interact with one another easily. I tend to work with Taylor often so I have the pleasure of sitting across from him and bothering with a gazillion questions on a daily basis. All of our developers have their own little space as well.

Another thing we do often is communicate on Slack. We have our daily “standups” in which we talk about what we’ve been working on and what we plan on doing each day.

In Conclusion

Although there is much more that goes into the Appsky team, this was a brief overview of our team.  I am so grateful to be working with such incredible individuals everyday and I’m so appreciative for all they do!


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