Recently, I had a chat with our lovely developers.  The conversation went something along the lines of, “Hey guys! I’m writing a blog post over the best resources for a beginner developer, any suggestions?” and then they proceeded to provide me with a long list of resources.  So, if you’re looking to dive into learning how to code, this may be the perfect blog post for you!

Learning Coding Online

The best way to learn code, is simply by doing code.  The internet has several great resources to start you off with the basics, helping you develop and grow your coding skills until you’re a pro! Check out the following sources for a mix of documentation and educational videos:

Code Cademy

Team Treehouse

Code School

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

We code for hours and hours. When you work on a new project, try your best not to code something from scratch, whenever possible! You’ll be surprised at how many free code snippets you can find online. Here are some of our favorites:

Code Pen

Boot Snipp  (If you use bootstrap)

Code Dump

Online Tools

Sometimes we don’t want to work in our IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) or we need something a little more dynamic. That’s where JSFiddle or CodePen come into play. C9 is an online IDE.



Note: Also

Free Website Deploy

When want your website on the Web, you have a couple of pretty easy-to-use and free options. You’ll still have to pay for your own cool, custom domain, but that isn’t too hard to do either!


Note: GitHub also allows you to publish your sites with GitHub Pages (Note about the note: GitHub let’s you store all of your projects through their service. BitBucket is another tool. What’s great about GitHub and BitBucket is that you can check out other people’s projects and share your projects to get some coding inspiration, and equally as importantly, coding examples!)


Coding Challenges (like programming isn’t hard enough already)

Sometimes, coding can be fun and games! One of the best ways to challenge your coding skills is to compete with other developers in coding challenges.  If you’re the competitive type of person and want to learn along the way, you need to check out these sites:

Coder Byte

Code Wars

Project Euler

Note: Sue’s top picks.

Pro Tip: Nowadays, a lot of recruiters are challenging developers in the hiring process by using websites like Coder Byte and Code Wars to test out the applicant’s skills!

When You’re Stuck, Ask!

If you don’t know or are struggling with a coding problem, chances are someone else has been in your shoes before! Visit the following sites to look at questions other people have asked (with the solutions) or pose your own questions to get help from your fellow developers!

Stack Overflow

Quora  (arising)

Pro Tip: Google is your best friend. Remember that.

Great Books and Videos

Everyone’s learning style is different! Besides the several online sites that teach you different programming languages, you can also use the following websites for more great educational videos and books!

Packet Pub

Let’s not forget YouTube!


No Starch Press

Eloquent JavaScript

You Always Have Time to Keep Organized

Lastly, organization is a big deal, especially if you’re working on a project with other people! The following resources can help you keep track of who is working on what in a project and what you’re responsible for.





(These last two are great for saving snippets of code!)

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