Bionic eyes, a new messaging app, computers reading minds, and more!

Researchers developing computer program to read people’s minds

What would you do if the people around you could read your mind? Panic? I’m sure you probably don’t want people knowing your innermost personal thoughts. Carnegie Mellon University has developed a computer program that is learning how to read minds through interpreting brain activity and matching it with a person’s thoughts! I wouldn’t worry about people reading your mind anytime soon, but it is a real possibility in the far future!
After a rare eye disease–retinitis pigmentosa–took Sandra Cassell’s eyesight from her 16 years ago, she decided to undergo surgery to receive a bionic eye.  Now she can partially see more of the world around her. Although it would be nice to help every blind person, it’s a pretty expensive surgery and can only patients with profound retinal dystrophy are eligible for the implant.

Islands, a new messaging app, is taking over college campuses

People are always trying to come up with the next “big” app. Some are successful, most are not, but those that can enter the right social network can quickly grow.  That’s what Islands is doing.  This new app is being leveraged at college campuses all over the nation and growing in popularity. What’s the app? It’s another messaging app that allows people to meet up and hang out. For example, go play a game of basketball or attend the nearest college party.
If you live in the city, you might be one of the lucky individuals who has access to Amazon’s Prime Now.  This a free two-hour delivery service, more so for grocery items. Baking cookies and forgot the butter? Prime Now can get that to you in two hours or less! Now if you’re in one of the 12 cities listed in the article, you can have alcohol delivered to your place in no time at all. That sure saves you a trip!
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