This week’s tech news is divided between 3D printed drones, AI sailplanes, self-healing phone screens, and HBO hackers! Enjoy!

HBO hacking woes continue: this time on social media

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? You may or may not have heard, but HBO (who runs GOT), has found itself being hacked left and right by some determined hackers.  This time the hackers, known as OurMine, hacked into HBO’s social media just to warn them that it is easy to do.  Prior to this most recent hack, other hackers released a few episodes of one of HBO’s shows early (if only it was Game of Thrones!).

3D printing will revolutionize how the Marine Corps fights

Think about some of the weapons and tools the military uses each day.  Even simple drones can cost hundreds of thousands to create and take months to repair if damaged.  Recently, the Marine Corps have been dabbling in 3-D printing to replace parts and create drones.  Although quite a ways out from using 3-D printing often, the article talks about how 3-D printing tools can cost significantly less and take only a couple days to repair a damaged tool. It will be interesting to see what potential 3D printing has within the military!

Science mimics nature: Microsoft researchers test AI-controlled soaring machine

It’s one thing to use a remote to control a drone or machine in the sky, but it’s another to use artificial intelligence instead. Unlike most machines, a sailplane controlled by AI is able to recognize and utilize patterns in the air/wind to stay in the sky.  The Microsoft scientists are trying to use AI to replicate the process of how birds stay up.

Motorola patents a self-healing phone screen

Are you clumsy with your phone? How many times do you drop your phone and have had to replaced the screen?  Motorola is trying to fix that problem for those of us who seem prone to damaging our phones by creating a self-healing phone screen.  Although it might be a couple years before it is introduced to the market, this could be a game changer once it is out!

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