Watch this amazing Optimus Prime toy actually transform on its own

We understand Christmas and the holiday season is still a few short months away, but with Halloween candy already in the stores (it’s AUGUST!), it’s never too early to start buying gifts for your loved ones.  Whether your a parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandparent, friend, or whatever, this would be a pretty sweet gift to give. Imagine owning a Transformers Optimus Prime toy that actually transforms into a semi. Pretty neat, huh?

Pixel 2 launching on October 5 with Snapdragon 836: Evan Blass

It’s not official. It hasn’t been announced by Google, but rumor has it that the Pixel 2 will be launched on October 5, almost one year after the release of the original Pixel phone.  This is according to Evan Blass, a well-connected American blogger. With less than a month and a half away, do you plan on buying the latest Pixel?

Facebook’s mobile apps now take 360-degree photos

Remember the early days of Facebook? It seems so long ago and now Facebook is beginning to dive deeper into augmented reality and other unique features.  The most recent feature added to Facebook’s mobile app is the ability to create 360-degree photos! You can change your cover photo using the 360 degree photo option or simply use it for other purposes! This could be great for real estate agents, adventure enthusiasts, and more! What are you waiting for? Try it out!

Do the Robot: 1,000 bots boogie into the record books

“Hey, mom! Guess what I did today? I set a new Guinness World Record today by getting 1,069 robots to dance simultaneously!” “That’s nice, honey!”  Okay, this is pretty impressive. If you haven’t watched the video yet, what are you even doing?  Watch the video! It’s pretty cool to see a bunch of tiny robots dance as one!

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