Facebook introduces new tool to kill off fake news leading up to Kenya elections

FAKE NEWS! Every where you turn you hear the term “Fake News,” it’s become a nationwide term that is being used to describe media (mainstream or not) of releasing fake or fraudulent news.  The question everyone is wondering though is: what is fake news? Additionally, how do we identify it?  Facebook, as a result of the upcoming Kenya elections, created documentation providing tips on how to determine whether or not a piece of news is false.

A New Way for Therapists to Get Inside Heads: Virtual Reality

Overcoming your fears can be challenging. Suffering with an addiction can be just as bad, if not, worse. Therapists do a great job listening and helping people get better, but now they’re doing something new that is proving to be more effective–virtual reality.  Instead of having to physically deal with a fear, patients can do it virtually.

Microsoft Word now reads text aloud to help people with dyslexia

Dyslexia can make reading difficult for many people and Microsoft is working towards fixing that! Now, Microsoft Word can read text aloud and help the reader follow along with the reading.

Android could soon show how much battery your wireless headphones have left

Just like the title says, imagine finally being able to tell how much battery life you have left on your wireless phone.  This would be nice for all Android users who use wireless headphones for their listening needs.

Glitter iPhone Case Recalled After Causing Burns and Permanent Scarring

Be careful if you love having a liquid glitter iPhone case! MixBin just recalled over 260,000 iPhone cell phone cases for causing burns and skin irritation! Be sure to check if you have one of those cases!

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