Changing times and AOL’S AIM cannot keep up. A girl who people think were blinded because of her borderline addiction to a smart phone game. And Microsoft making a large electricity purchase for the next 15 years.

21-year-old woman loses her eyesight after staring at her smartphone game for days

What happens when you obsessively play a game on your phone without taking a single break to eat, drink, or use the bathroom? You develop blindness in your right eye! Okay, now that might not be true, but a girl did develop Retinal Artery Occlusion (ROA). A specialist did argue that it is highly unlikely she developed ROA through obsessively looking at the app, however it could be tied to her cardiovascular health.

Microsoft just bought all the electricity from this wind farm for 15 years to power cloud computing

Cloud computing is everywhere now. There is iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox, and so much more for cloud computing software. Recognizing this, Microsoft has made a deal to receive all the output from a GE farm in Ireland. Their goal is to help bring clean energy to Ireland. Read more!

AOL is shutting down AIM after 20 years

Do any of you remember the days when we would send Instant Messages or IMs to each other? It was the COOLEST thing out there and everyone had to try it. Now IMing has sort of died down with text messages becoming unlimited on almost all cell phone carriers, not to mention several apps that make it easy to chat with people. Goodbye AOL, you will be missed.

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