You’ve heard about the new iPhone X by now and we’re pretty excited to grab one ourselves. But have you heard about Trello’s new desktop application? Or how about a form of artificial intelligence developing video games?

iPhone X release date, price and features

It’s finally here! The much anticipated “next” iPhone. What makes the iPhone X different? Besides more hefty price tag, the iPhone X has some interesting features! Tired of unlocking your phone with your finger? Now you can unlock it with your face! That’s right, I said it. Your face! In addition, the latest iPhone includes two different cameras, a better battery life (with faster charging), and so much more!

Trello finally comes to the desktop

As a software development company that uses Trello on a daily basis, this is awesome news! Now it will be easier than ever to keep up with your to-do lists all while receiving desktop notifications of tasks that you need to complete. Can’t wait to download this baby!

Artificial Intelligence Is Learning How To Develop Games

Is it just me? Or is tech getting cooler each day? You’ve heard enough about how Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm, but now it’s learning how to develop video games. This is great for assisting video game developers with their jobs. You will want to read more about this!

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