Technology is ever changing and we have some of the most recent tech updates here! This week read about the Galaxy Note 8, the iPhone 8, a new job app, a brain microscope, and an exoskeleton for stroke patients.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launching late August, on sale September, confirms CEO

In just a few weeks the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be released.  After last year’s Note 7 disaster, the Note 8 has high expectations.  Rumor has it that the Note 8 will include:

  • 6.3-inch QHD, OLED Display
  • Dual-Lens Rear Camera
  • Iris Scanner
  • Bezel-less design

Can you wait until September?

Google job listings app Hire now available in the US

Google is now competing with LinkedIn as it made Hire, a job listings app, available in the United States.

The Hire app has the potential to simplify recruiting and make the job of a recruiter just a bit easier. You might want to download this app if you’re looking for a job!

Flat microscope for the brain could help restore lost eyesight

Although still a prototype, scientists have created a flat microscope (known at the FlatScope) that can transmit information directly to your brain.  The FlatScope is being developed in hopes of returning a person’s eyesight or hearing back to them.

An Exoskeleton Designed To Help Stroke Patients Walk

Exoskeleton company, ReWalk, has spent the past five years working with Harvard to develop Restore, an assistive system.  Restore was designed to help stroke patients walk more normally again. Let’s hope this will be on the market soon!

A closer look at the iPhone 8’s facial recognition feature

Lately, there has been speculation that Apple’s iPhone 8 will include a facial recognition feature.  The facial recognition software used, Realface, creates a 3D representation of a person’s face, making it more secure and accurate.   Imagine being able to unlock your phone with your face. That would be pretty cool, don’t you think?

Check out next week’s This Week in Tech on Thursday, July 27th!

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