This week’s edition of “This Week in Tech” shows an interesting list of the new iOS 11 update features, the new Snapchat update, delivery robots, and Amazon!

iOS 11: The best new features in one handy list

Have you updated your iPhone or iPad for the newest features yet?  Well if you haven’t, you totally should! This article lists all of new features from the latest iOS update.  Some include:

  • Better (more human) Siri
  • Changes in the lock screen, notification center, and control center
  • Being able to take the best frames in live photos
  • Improved Apple Maps
  • Updated App Store
  • QR Codes, and so much more!

Florida is now the fourth state to permit delivery robots on sidewalks

Once upon a time, deliveries were made via horse and could take weeks to be delivered. Nowadays, two-day shipping from Amazon Prime is probably the best way to go, but what about the near future? Some people think drones will be delivering our packages in the future, but Starship Technologies has a different solution–delivery robots.  Imagine having your very own smart-bot “walk” along the sidewalk to deliver a package to you.  Pretty neat, huh?

Amazon generates twice as much revenue per employee as Wal-Mart

Efficiency seems to be in Amazon’s favor. Although Wal-Mart is successful and is the world’s largest retailer, it’s competition, Amazon, is catching up.  The future for Amazon is exciting, the purchase of Whole Foods, there is much opportunity. Can Wal-Mart keep up with its innovative competitor?

New Snapchat map feature is exposing cheaters left and right

Have you tried out the new Snapchat feature, yet? The one where you “pinch” the screen and can see the location of all of your mutual friends nearby? If you haven’t tested it out, you should give it a shot.  This new update is a growing concern for many people, but at the same time it is a wonderful tool for others. What are your thoughts? Is Snapchat’s new update okay?

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