This week we have some awesome new apps for you, information on an AI hedge fund, and a robot dentist!

Taste app shows you where the locals eat

This app is perfect for those of you who love traveling to major cities in the United States. When I read this article, I was so excited to download the app for my recent trip to Boston! Now I know of all the best places to eat that Bostonians enjoy and recommend! Are you about to take a trip to a major city in the US? Then you HAVE to download this app! Especially if you would like to visit all the places that tourists typically don’t visit or know about.


A $96 billion fund firm created a AI hedge fund, but freaked out when it couldn’t explain how it made money (NVDA, AMD)

Imagine making money investing simply by giving Artificial Intelligence a ton of data to analyze and make decisions with? That’s what this AI hedge fund started to do and it’s pretty profitable. Although AI can’t do it alone (yet), it’s just the beginning. Get ready to see some more changes in the financial world the next few years!

Robot successfully performs dental surgery by itself

I’m starting to think that everyone is going to be out of a job in the next 50 years. Once robots take over everything that is. Recently, in China, a robot was able to perform its first dental surgery all by itself. Do dentists need to start worrying? Unlikely, but it’s still crazy to think about how much technology is beginning to impact jobs!

Vuforia’s new ARKit app, Chalk, helps you help others using augmented reality

This app is probably one of the best apps I’ve seen in a while! Are you the person who struggles to figure out how to use what nowadays people might consider “simple” technology? Or are you that friend that everyone goes to when something stops working? This app allows you to be a thousand miles away and still help out that friend or be that friend that is helped. How does it work? Using the app (on both phones), the person who needs help can show a video of the problem, a remote for instance. Then, the other person who is helping them out, can “draw” on the video and show them what buttons to press using augmented reality. It’s brilliant!

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