Alright, so you don’t have a website for your business yet.  You think, “I don’t want to spend money on a website! It’s not worth it,” but that’s where you should reconsider.  Having your own website is the perfect way to show your clients or customers who you are as a business.  It tells your story, it shows what you’re capable of, and how clients can best reach you.  Arguably, your website is single handedly one of the best ways to market your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer or a large corporation, a website adds value to whatever type of business is out there. Here is our list of reasons why your business/organization/non-profit should have a website:

Without It, You’re Losing $$

This is especially true if you’re a business that sells tangible products. According to an article in Fortune, in 2016 shoppers now make 51% of their purchases online.  In recent years, with the introduction of e-commerce, retailers have seen a decline in their in-store purchases as consumer purchasing patterns shift from retail to online.

Nowadays, the overhead cost for a brick-and-mortar location is through the roof and, in some cases, unnecessary. If you don’t sell products online, you’re missing an entire online market that you would otherwise have with a website. How is that person in California going to be able to buy products from your tiny store in Massachusetts? Sure, they could pay a couple hundred dollars to fly across the country, but how likely is that? Don’t eliminate your chances of expanding your market to other places in the nation, or even the world!

Marketing Efforts

Recently, Facebook reached two billion, yes…TWO BILLION, users.  That’s more than a quarter of the world population. Social media is often one of the major platforms for marketers to be on. It’s a way to get a strong following and to show your customers what your business is up to.  Oftentimes one of the major goals of social media is to drive traffic to your website. That’s a bit challenging if you don’t have a website to link to.

Marketing your business on social media can be relatively cheap (compared to airing a commercial on television or buying a billboard). By marketing your products or creating a clever ad, it can easily drive business to your website.  Posting cute pictures of the jewelry you create on Facebook and linking it directly to where people can purchase it on your website will drive up your sales.

Increases Awareness

When people become invested in a company, they like to keep up with them. By having a website, businesses can make customers more aware of specials they might be having or upcoming events.  It could be used for a variety of things.  Think of a popular band. That band is selling their merchandise and tickets through its website.  Simply by visiting the website, the fans of the band become aware of upcoming concerts or new merchandise.  Some websites go one step further and offer a weekly newsletter sent to the user’s email.  Through the newsletter, it tells users the band’s newest CD or special events, driving even more traffic to their website!

Anytime, Anywhere

With a website, customers are no longer limited to regular business hours or holiday closings.  Websites are there—24/7.  This is great for that customer whose schedule isn’t open enough to visit the store in person.  It also doesn’t matter where the customer is at.  It could be in the town of the business or thousands of miles away.  Websites provide accessibility and convenience to your customers.


How many of you like to visit a restaurant’s website to view its menu before you go out to eat? If you’re one of those people, it drives you crazy when the restaurant you plan on visiting has a non-existent website with a non-existent online menu.  Sure, you could visit its social media, but that rarely guarantees a menu.

Websites contain tons of information on a business. For a restaurant, it can include its entire menu.  For other businesses it may contain the services or products they offer. Or maybe it’s as simple as where the place is located (if there is a location) and its business hours.  The point is, websites contain tons of valuable information about your business. It’s all about what you make it.


All in all, we hope you can see the value in having a website. Creating a website will help you provide your customers with valuable information, expand your market, increase accessibility, improve awareness, and make you more marketable. Seriously, #WhyWaitToBeGreat

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